Wasted In Bombay

Roq on the left, Gos on the right.WHO IS WASTED IN BOMBAY?

Wasted in Bombay is Roq and Gos



House music is in our souls. It's the blood that courses through our veins. It's the electricity that evokes our minds. No matter how far our jobs take us, how big our families get, our how stressed our finances push us, … there is one thing that keeps us grounded…. House Music.

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Description and Tracklist for the January Podcast:


Here comes the answer to the cool frigid winter. Wastedinbombay brings you another episode of floor moving house music. It is sure to fire up your senses and get your body moving with tracks such as john Creamer and Stephane K's remake of the classic Wish U were Here and Sash and Donatello's Smoke Cone. It will take you through the journey into the deep deep house by Jody Wisternoff and bring you back smiling with The Scumforg and Guy Gerber. It plays with your emotions by traversing across all genres, including hip hop, tech house and even Indie dance-Nu disco, seamlessly with style and class. So get warmed up and get ready to be swept away with this new release of Wastedinbombay's January FreeUrSelf Podcast. Download it on Itunes under the podcast section or look us up on Facebook.
Artist/Track Name/Remixer/Date/Genre

1) NSFW (NL) - Getting Away (Punks Jump Up Remix) (01-2014) Indie Dance - Nu Disco
2)Jamie Antonelli - Divine (Original Mix) (12-2013) Indie Dance - Nu Disco
3) Jody Wisternoff and Rashid Ajami - Coming For You (Jody Wisternoff Remix) (01-2014) Deep House
4) Sasha, Donatello, Knox and Kastis Torrau - Smoke Cone (Original Mix) (12-2012) Tech House
5) John Creamer, Stephane K and Donatello - Wish U Were Here feat. Nkemdi (Donatello Remix) (10-2013) Progressive House
6) Guy Gerber and Guy Gerber - The Golden Sun and the Silver Moon feat. Clarian (GG & Clarian Edit) (10-2012) Deep House
7) Dexter Kane - Speak & Spell (Climbers Remix) (04-2012) Deep House
8) Mark Lower - The Way That I Feel (Original Mix) (12-2013) Indie Dance - Nu Disco
9) Donatello and Donatello - Story (Donatello & Arnas D Remix) (01-2014) Progressive House
10) Fiord and Soleil - Register (Original Mix) (12-2013) Techno
11) Jody Wisternoff - Macbeth (Original Mix) (01-2014) Deep House
12) Jean Claude Ades and Christian Burns - Lovers Till The End (Original Mix) (10-2013) Pop - Rock
13) The Scumfrog - Middle Earth (Original Mix) (07-2013) Deep House
14) Gene and Deep'a & Biri - Booty Call (Original Mix) (11-2012) Deep House

December top 5 for Gos - 2012
Track Mix Artist Label Genre
1. Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix) Yousef Defected Deep House
2. I Love It Feat. Charli XCX (Sick Individuals Mix) Icona Pop Big Beat Record Progressive House
3. Turn Me Out (Dylan Rhymes Remix) Meat Katie, Christian J Lot49 Breaks
4. Hardbody (Original Mix) Scuba Hotflush Recordings Deep House
5. Along The Way (Original Mix) Lank, Marco Grandi Lowbit Progressive House
December top 5 for Roq - 2012
Track Mix Artist Label Genre
1. Hanging On (Original Mix) Andre Crom, Teenage Mutants Off Recordings Deep House
2. Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix) Yousef Defected Deep House
3. Like You (Original Mix) Hot Since 82 Get Physical Music Deep House
4. Touch Ya(Niva Mix)Niva, RexkwondoRefrequencyTech House (Original Mix) Diego Velasco Destroy The Ego Progressive House
5. Jungle Juice (Original Mix) Diego Velasco Destroy The Ego Progressive House


Trippy Mix !!!

Crazy Trippy Mix on Sound Cloud ..!!!! Insane !!! Hats Off ... Cheers Cheers !!!


Thanks a million! Stay tuned for plenty more in the next coming months!

You Guys Rock!

Man, great mix guys... when is the next one coming out!!??

1 week

In 1 week Roq will be releasing a new mix for the FreeURSelf Podcast. Also, some of our mixes from 2011-12 will be uploaded to the archive. enjoy!

Where do you play?

Love the mix. Where is your next gig? The schedule section is empty. Love to meet you guys! My partner and I are learning to DJ and we'd love to hear some tips. I'll buy you a beer!


We are open for booking now! Our next gig will be probably be in Youngstown, OH at the end of July! We will keep you posted! Make sure to "like" us on Facebook to stay up to date! Cheers! - G


Been waiting a long time for Walker-Dubai! fantastic!!


Walker-Dubai is a KILLER mix with such high emotion! We love it too!

walker Dubai

Thanks! like Gos said We def like Walker Dubai. We'll make sure to put out a mix like that more often. We are trying to appeal to a broad range of people so we are putting out quite a few different styles of music. In walker Dubai we wanted to appeal to the sensitive and emotional side of people. It has some great deep and tech house tracks with classic middle eastern sounds. Of course, being Indian we have to let people know that we will be representing the East. Glad you like it. We love it too!

are you gonna bring the

are you gonna bring the nitrous oxide to the party too?

MMMMmmmmmm.... just like the

MMMMmmmmmm.... just like the good 'ol days! :) Nah man, We too damn old for that!

yeah man!!

Nicely done brotha. Good tracks, nice mixing, keep it up dude! I'll b supporting in nyc...so you better rock that shit! Don't be afaid to throw in some old school florida breaks for an old tag teamer.


Of course bro! I'll take it old school on these NYC cats...

awesome music

One search leads to another, this is one find I enjoyed finding. You do great music.

Awesome tracks and awesome

Awesome tracks and awesome mixing! I just pleased to read this article. Really i was looking forward to read about it. Love this entry. Thanks for this allocation. :lol:

fat loss

Playing non stop

I have been playing August podcast and Walker Dubai non stop. I am a big fan of your music.

Thank you

Thank you my friend! September's Podcast is gonna be killer! Stay tuned!